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November 2020

My usual Christmas fair in Bath which was scheduled for the 15th and 16th of November has now been moved to the 12th and 13th of December 2020 at the Widcombe Social club and the Natural Theatre, from 10.30 till 4, so if lockdown ends as planned on the 2nd, I hope to see some of you there. I'll be selling along with 31 other craft makers and artists. It will be the usual array of glass hangings, mosaic trivets and small glass landscapes. This year more than ever I will be relying on commissions for presents and residential windows which I can more or less complete in isolation with lots of communication over whatsapp! If you do fancy a small or large present, please contact me directly so I can complete it before December the 24th!


I've now sold all my owl glass hangings - they've flown all over the country and abroad, so thank you to all my buyers for dispersing the parliament from the owl pop-up shop on Milsom Street! I have a few more little robins and baby owls so please contact me if you're interested in commissioning a bird or buying an existing one. 

We have now launched Bath Glass Studio so please see the new portfolio page or contact me if you want to discuss some ideas for glass and we can give you ideas on costs and styles. or


Nov 2018

I'm very pleased to report that my night owl (now called Florence) has been bought by the Norie Trust and donated to the amazing Dorothy House at Winsley. Hopefully many more local families can admire her for years to come in this beautiful setting. The Minerva team will be selling owl merchandise including the mini owls at various events in November and December, so do contact me if you would like a mini owl commission before they run out. You can buy them online at

I won't be selling glass gifts at the Widcombe Christmas Fair this year, after a run on glass owls, so if you'd like a glass bird or Christmas hanging please do get in touch.

OCT 2018

Only a few days to go until my 'Night Owl' is auctioned in Bath in aid of the Royal United Hospital's new Cancer centre. I really hope all the owls raise much-needed money for our health service. See the site for more information and pictures of the flock.

March  2018

The sun is coming back and I'm enjoying the newfound light streaming through my studio windows. I'm currently making a small series of landscapes in a gothic style - light enough to hang in any window frame with invisible thread. I'm enjoying painting with my size zero brushes, to create some tiny details in these leaded panels. Some of the hand-blown glass I've found that evokes the sky is beautiful, and every sheet and panel is individual. 

This website shows a small selection of things I have made in the last few years. Please contact me for more information on any work or prices. I travel over the South West for commissions, and for larger pieces, I will travel to London and further afield.


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