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Frimley Park Ophthalmology glass
Lightbox painted detail
Frimley etched glass detail
Frimley Hospital Commission
Frimley lightbox wall back
Owl and spitfire wing, Swindon
Close up of owl wing feathers
After installation at the care home
Shop front, Brick Lane, London
Stained glass and mosaic curved wall
Painted green woodpeckers
green woodpecker
Green woodpecker detail
St Lukes logo's
Bristol Children's Hospital desk
Backlit agate leaded panel
Second Children's hospital desk
Main ward reception desk
Fused glass leaves panel
Sunset panel in desks
Bluebell wood fused glass
Bluebell wood fused glass panel
Children's hospital desk panel
Outdoor copper tree sculputre
Copper tree and bird detail
Bristol Children's hospital commissi
Detail of the circus room
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